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Which Path to Heaven | Ken Boutwell

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Which Path to Heaven | Ken Boutwell

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A humorous, thought provoking, and satirical look at the image portrayed by today’s fundamentalist Christian churches. Authored by a longtime resident of heaven who knows, first hand, which path leads to heaven and transcribed by a member of a Southern Baptist affiliated church who wrote what he was told to write, but thinks that the author doesn’t know squat.


Reginald (Reggie) Scot, who now resides with God in heaven, was a successful English land owner who served as a member of parliament in the 1500’s. He is most remembered today as the author of The Discoverie of Witchcraft, published in 1584. In it, he courageously argued that the belief in witchcraft was based on untrue and irrational superstitions promoted by the church, as well as the communities, at large.

In July 2015, he felt that he had been called to again confront the evils of man’s religious bigotry. He chose to do so this time by acquainting the reader with the decisions, events and problems that they are likely to face immediately after their death as they search for the path to heaven.


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