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A Journey, Remembered | Isaac B. McDonald


A Journey, Remembered | Isaac B. McDonald

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A Journey, remembered … contains the partial story of my life. I have written it in response to the suggestions of family and friends who have heard portions of the story over time and have suggested repeatedly that a written record be made. Family history appears in genealogy and stories told to me by older family members who were more than willing to share. Though some accounts may have been slightly exaggerated, they are part of the family story. Having listened carefully to what my elders have shared with me, I may be the sole repository of family lore. Also, I have been assured that children, grandchildren, friends and other associates might find what I have written to be interesting and worth reading.

So I have put in print what I know and remember. The importance of this exercise was brought home to me in a comment by my wife, JoAnn. She stated quite simply that I ought to write what I could remember before something happened, and I would no longer be able to remember clearly. That statement caused me to begin writing what you are about to read. It is a record of my memory of a lifelong journey. I began writing in early June 2004. I was at that time 73 years old. Surprisingly, it has taken longer to write what you are about to read than I first anticipated. To those of you who read this record, I offer my thanks for taking the time to read an old man’s account of his life and experiences. May you find the record informative and interesting.


Isaac B. McDonald is a Baptist minister. He received his degrees from University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He now lives with his wife, JoAnn, in London, Kentucky.


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