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Poems, Prayers, and Unfinished Promises | Gary Allison Furr

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Poems, Prayers, and Unfinished Promises | Gary Allison Furr

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“‘Finding your voice’ is leaving home to begin the quest to find your way back home again. It is a quest to honor your calling, to seek to see your own life as God does. It is terrifying, hopeful, and unavoidable.”                                               

 --from the Introduction

Poems, Prayers and Unfinished Promises is a collection of song lyrics, pastoral and occasional prayers, and poetry written over a forty year period by a veteran pastor, singer-songwriter and author. Arranged by sections corresponding to the Christian year, it is equally useful as a devotional resource or, for a pastor desperate to turn a phrase for Sunday morning, a thought starter. But mostly the author has assembled these compositions so that they might be enjoyed, savored, and pondered.  It is written for everyone, as most of the compositions were delivered in weekly worship, conferences, concerts, on college campuses and some are seeing the light of day for the very first time.


Gary Furr has been the Pastor of Vestavia Hills Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama since 1993.   Dr. Furr has a Ph.D. in religion from Baylor University and is a graduate of Carson-Newman University. He is a popular speaker and has edited, written for and co-authored seventeen books, including The Library of Distinctive Sermons, Ties That Bind: Life Together in the Baptist Vision, The Dialogue of Worship, For Faith and Friendship, and most recently, Encountering God in the Prayers of Others, published by Parson’s Porch.  He has served as an adjunct professor and is a performing musician and songwriter, and most importantly, a husband, dad and grandfather.  


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