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Wanderings: A Pilgrim's Walk on This Good Earth

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Wanderings: A Pilgrim's Walk on This Good Earth

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This is a book of reflections on wandering. It could be said that if you stick to a trail you are less likely to wander, but even on a trail one can happily wander. The only trails I knew about growing up were the ones worn deep by the dairy cows sauntering across the pasture. In spite of having acres of broad pastures to meander across, cows inevitably take the same singular path leading them to and from the dairy barn. In fact, if a cow ever wandered off the beaten path, so to speak, it most always meant something was wrong.

This collection of writings is a simple attempt to share my own marks and experiences along the way as well as an invitation to meander alongside my own thoughts, musings, and reflections. Like trails, some of the pieces will take you places with a specific destination or point. Others are winding walkabouts where I am just thinking out loud to no one in particular.

The stories themselves are not connected, other than the threads of grace weaving throughout. And while they are organized along four main sections, they can be read in any order the reader likes, or in no particular order at all.

I hope you enjoy Wanderings, and I hope you share your stories of faith, doubt, and pilgrimage on this good earth.


Greg DeLoach grew up right in the heart of rural Georgia on a dairy farm outside the small town of Eatonton. DeLoach has earned a Doctor of Ministry in Old Testament Theology from Columbia Theological Seminary and has served several congregations throughout Georgia, including pastorates in Mansfield, Chickamauga, Marietta and Augusta. Currently he is a Development Officer for Mercer University and is the Teaching Pastor of First Baptist Church of Monroe. His love of the outdoors began at an early age walking the pastures and woods of the dairy farm, and looks for any chance he can find to pitch a tent in the Smoky Mountains and find a new trail to hike.



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