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Parson's Porch & Book Publishing is a book publishing company with a double focus.  We focus on the needs of creative writers who need a professional publisher to get their work to market, & we also focus on the needs of others by sharing our profits with those who struggle to meet their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and safety.

Set Free by Forgiveness | Randall O'Brien | Mossy Creek Press MCP

Front Cover Forgiveness.jpg
Front Cover Forgiveness.jpg

Set Free by Forgiveness | Randall O'Brien | Mossy Creek Press MCP


What exactly is this bizarre thing called Forgiveness? Why should we want to forgive? How does one do it? How do I? How could I? Forgiveness is probably difficult for most of us. We hurt others. We are hurt by others. We need to be forgiven. We need to forgive. Neither seeking nor granting pardon seems natural. Yet if we are to enjoy lives of harmony, peace, and joy, forgiveness alone provides the way. The ugly option is enslavement to a painful past. Author J. Randall O'Brien, the president of Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee, reminds us through stories and personal experience that having a heart for forgiveness is not the best way to enjoy life-it is the only way. Nothing else works. O'Brien invites us to discover the way to peace and healing through being set free by forgiveness.

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