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Spiritual Surfing: Riding Life's Turbulent Waves to Victory | James Catanzaro


Spiritual Surfing: Riding Life's Turbulent Waves to Victory | James Catanzaro


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What People are Saying. . .

“In a world punctuated by violence, hatred, and inhumanity, there is a deep longing for inner peace and harmony in relationships. If you have ever experienced that longing, this book is a ‘”must read.” Dr. Catanzaro has the unique ability of translating profound truths into everyday life situations.

—Nell Mohney, author, lecturer, and seminar leader

“Dr. Catanzaro’s message about attaining a state of transparent wellbeing produced by transforming relationships pertains to the lives of people of every religious tradition and none and crosses boundaries of race, creed, and ethnicity. His exposition is clear and compelling.”

—Jacob Neusner, Bard College

Dr. Catanzaro “listened with his heart” as well as his mind and after hours of reflection, bit by bit, his thoughts settled into a configuration that gave him the insight of a metaphor that carries the theme of the book: surfing! 

—from the Foreword by Dr. Donald 0. Clifton,
Former CEO, The Gallup Organization


Dr. Jim Catanzaro is a dynamic and inspiring leader, a college president who has mentored scores of civic and education leaders across the nation. He is also a man of remarkable intellect and scholarship. Dr. Catanzaro earned a Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in philosophy of religion.

His course, Religions of the World as Practiced in America, was selected for inclusion in HippoCampus, the National Repository of America’s highest quality online courses. Gallup found two of Dr. Catanzaro’s greatest strengths to be Maximizer and Positivity. He has an intense interest in helping individuals achieve personal well-being.


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