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Parson's Porch & Book Publishing is a book publishing company with a double focus.  We focus on the needs of creative writers who need a professional publisher to turn their words into books, & we also focus on the needs of others by turning their books into bread by sharing our profits with those who are homeless and displaced by meeting their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and safety.

Will You Be Part of a Team? | Katherine A. Simons

Front Cover Team.JPG
Front Cover Team.JPG

Will You Be Part of a Team? | Katherine A. Simons

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This book was written for coloring fans and team builders. It encourages coloring, fosters conversation, explores mystery, shares stories, and action.

Since we all work together. scripture comes from the Hebrew Scripture in Ruth 1:6-7 and the New Testament of the Bible in the gospel of Mark 2:4-7.

Marketing to schools, homes, libraries, churches, counselors, coaches, educators, teams and pastors, this book opens thought and feeling as it inspires teamwork.


Katherine A Simons


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