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Parson's Porch & Book Publishing is a book publishing company with a double focus.  We focus on the needs of creative writers who need a professional publisher to turn their words into books, & we also focus on the needs of others by turning their books into bread by sharing our profits with those who are homeless and displaced by meeting their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and safety.

Walking on Church Street

In 2010, I quit my job to begin my practice. I had worked for 33 years at difference places doing the same thing: making money. 

I was 17 when I was paid by a church to do a job. 33 years later, I quit. Today my practice is public and private. Publicly, I am a publisher. Privately, I am a pastor.

My public practice is as a publisher of books. I have published almost 450 books for over 200 authors. I earn enough money to support my family and my private practice.

My private practice is as a pastor whose congregation is homeless. I serve approximately 100 people who do not have a roof and are in need of food, clothing, shelter and safety. 

While I earn money as a publisher, I give money to my private practice by supporting my congregation. Each day I see them and eat with them. Each day I weave two questions into my conversations with them: "How are you doing?" and "What do you need?"

"How are you doing?" is a spiritual question. I listen, and I respond. "What do you need?" is a practical question. I listen and I respond.

When they answer those two questions, I know what I am supposed to do. I pray, then I do.

I pray privately, I do privately.

The difference between my congregation today and my congregations in the past is my congregation today does not know I am a pastor, and they don't pay me. I dress in the same kind of clothes I have bought them, and I eat the same food they eat. To them, I'm only their friend. To me, they are the crucified ones.

So, if anyone sees me walking with someone on Church Street, sitting with someone in the Park, or eating with someone at the Kitchen, my purpose is one thing: I'm a crucified one showing another crucified one where to find the Crucified One.

May all your weeks be holy.




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