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A Brief History of The Old Meeting House Congregational Church | John E. L. Clements

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A Brief History of The Old Meeting House Congregational Church | John E. L. Clements

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Seventeenth-century Norwich was a crucible of Puritanism, and later a hotbed of dissent from the state church of Anglicanism. And at the heart of both of those movements was the Old Meeting House. Simply from an historical vantage-point, this gem of a building is of immense value. But even more importantly, the church has profound spiritual significance, connecting us as it does with some remarkable Christians, a few of whom are noted within these pages. I hope this booklet persuades all who read it to pray for the ongoing vitality of this Congregation, and to do it for the Glory of God.

 Michael A. G. Haykin, FRHistS, Chair and Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

 The Old Meeting House was built during the 1690s, in a red-brick classical architecture that was at the cutting edge of fashion for its time, reflecting the importance and wealth of some of its supporters. Yet the origins of the congregation that met there stretch back to the Civil War period in the 1640s, making it one of the oldest surviving Independent Meetings in England.

 Andrew Hopper, Senior Lecturer in English Local History, University of Leicester


Dr John Clements. Prior to becoming Pastor at the Old Meeting John had a career that encompassed teaching, counselling, speaking and writing. His is also a retired Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. He is married to Sarah and has two adult children and a dog called Daisey.


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