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Journey to Embarkation | Bob Ambrose

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Journey to Embarkation | Bob Ambrose

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Journey to Embarkation

 “Bob Ambrose writes poetry that is a perfect combination of intellect and soul. He may be talking about mathematical equations, and he is also talking about warm suns and drifting down whole days. He writes poetry that is a perfect connection between dailiness and existential realities. Bob’s poetry always reminds us that the earth is a gateway to eternity and that it is for eternity that we are built.”

- Elizabeth Harper Neeld, Ph.D., author

“Seven Choices: Finding Daylight After Loss Shatters Your World,”

Tough Transitions,” and “A Sacred Primer”


“In Journey to Embarkation, Bob Ambrose bridges an engineer's mind and a bard's heart. This bridge crosses the passage of life - births, marriages, deaths, and every rite between. These are solid, foursquare poems. Poems one could inhabit, like a home. Once you leave them, they will remain with you in memory.”

- Michelle Castleberry, poet, author

“Dissecting the Angel and Other Poems”


“This is a beautiful collection of poems - rich language, lovely phrasing, Wordsworthian nature descriptions... a brave, insightful transit of the soul.”

- Clela Reed, poet, author of "Dancing on the Rim"

and "The Hero of the Revolution Serves Us Tea”


“A remarkable collection. The poems here beautifully embrace the spiritual mists of remembrance, the joys, sorrows and mysteries of Life.”

- Grady Thrasher, author of “The Adventures of Tim and Sally”


“I was deeply moved by how the whole coheres: family, travel, belief, deep love for relationships, the physical world, and a stunning ‘reflection in poetry.’”

- Gregory de Rocher, Professor Emeritus,

Modern Languages and Classics, University of Alabama.


 Bob Ambrose, Jr. is an environmental engineer (emeritus) with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development. He has been writing poetry since his retirement in 2009 and has been active in the Athens, Georgia Word of Mouth community. Bob has been featured reader at events in Athens, Cincinnati, and Austin. This is his first book. He posts on his blog site “Reflections in Poetry.”


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