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City Preaching | Robert P. Hoch

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City Preaching | Robert P. Hoch

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Rob Hoch writes sermons the way Bob Dylan writes songs. And then he preaches them, or maybe sings them, the way Dylan sings for us: bone-deep, gut-deep, heart-deep words that tell the truth about our American cities and lies and dreams; that yearn for justice in our streets and peace in our homes; that call us back, again and again, to the dazzling love of God, among us, between us, for us, in this broken world. For those of us who fear that we are truly on a precipice, at this moment in American history, these are sermons to make us strong again, for the hard struggle ahead. These are sermons that reframe what real strength is: the crucified and risen Christ, walking the streets with the poor and powerless. If there was ever a time to join our bodies to that strength, this is it. I thank God that Rob Hoch was called to preach in the city for such a time as this.

Anna Carter Florence, Ph.D., Columbia Theological Seminary


In these creative, yet reality based sermons, Robert Hoch invites us into First & Franklin Church to hear him proclaim the gospel to Baltimore and beyond. Sermons that reach beyond the walls of a gathered congregation are those with such analyses and insights into the human condition that they cannot help but to speak to a wider public. Hoch does not shy away from the mayhem, turmoil, pain, and marginalization of everyday urban life, and yet his sermons are filled with the hope and promise of the Gospel. His preaching matters because he preaches about things that matter. To any who look on the plight of our cities and ask, “O, mortal, what of the night? Is there any word from the Lord?” Hoch’s reply in City Preaching is a resounding yes!

Cleophus J. LaRue, Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary


Rev. Hoch's sermons are deeply felt, beautifully written, and profoundly engaged with our world and its troubles. It's my good fortune that I've gotten to hear many of them in person, and it's the fortune of readers everywhere that they are now available in this collection.

Alec MacGillis, Senior Staff Writer at ProPublica


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