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The Latter Days | Scott Yates

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The Latter Days | Scott Yates

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Just as the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls changed some facets of Biblical interpretation forever, in the 12 years since this study guide was written, new scholarship has emerged that sheds new light on some of the subjects discussed herein.

However the scriptures are interpreted, regardless of language and translations used, one thing must be kept foremost in the mind of any student of the end times; it is that the events prophesied, and the scriptures referred to, can and will be illuminated through the intervention of the Holy Spirit. Read these scriptures for yourself, study them, pray over them, and the Holy Spirit will direct you accordingly.

While I studied these subjects diligently, they are to be understood in the context of 2001 scholarship. No agenda was applied, however, whether the reader might favor pre-tribulation, or mid-trib, or post-trib schools of thought, we are studying the things of Heaven and the Kingdom of God, much of which is incomprehensible to mere mortal man.

Ultimately, when the end times arrives, it will be just exactly the way God, our Heavenly Father, has planned it since the beginning of time, and EVERYTHING will work out perfectly, whether we understand it or not.

God’s Plan is going to move forward, and it will all come together so that every soul who can be saved will be saved. None will be left behind, and our Lord Jesus will reign over it all.

That is why it is called the Gospel, because truly, it is Good News beyond compare.


Scott Yates serves as pastor of Union Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Columbia, Tennessee.  He completed the Program of Alternate Studies in 2005.  He and his wife, Linda, have two adult children, Kevin and Anthony. 



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