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Reviews of Which Path to Heaven?

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Read, Absorb and Grasp Wisdom to Accept All - Patricia Baker

This was a hard book to write as the Author tried to find a way to lead his fellow Baptists to follow Jesus as the ultimate Christian, teaching all his children to have love and passion. God made all colors of people to compose this planet and so many different life styles and contributions that we would be foolish not to embrace them all, especially within our Religious Houses. Good book with lots of lessons for a Christian trying to follow the path of Jesus Christ.

White-hot Satire - James

This is white-hot satire of the number one issues facing Southern Baptist Churches: homosexuality and same-sex marriage. The humor will surprise you and the reintroduction of characters and their relationships will catch you off-guard. It may challenge your theology of the issue.

This Book is Patently Terrible - Bobby Braswell

Someone sent this book to my office free of charge and it wasn't even worth that. It basically poses a lot of straw man arguments via convoluted fiction. While posing as humorous and provocative it basically portrays Southern Baptists as ignorant and bigoted and makes no effort at fairness or understanding. It collapses into itself by positing that if a person subscribes to a view of marriage and human sexuality that differs from the zeitgeist that person should step in line, or of a person holds to a view of theology that takes Jesus at his word in John 14:6 or the Apostles at theirs in Acts 4:12 that person is narrow minded. So be it. This book is patently terrible.

It's Neither Humorous nor Helpful - Dion Brown 

I did receive Mr. Boutwell's book from your company the other day.  I have to confess that I found it neither humorous nor helpful.  To be quite honest it was discouraging.  Several times I started to put it in the trash but kept plowing through in an effort to give the author a fair hearing.  So as I write this I can't be accused of not actually reading the book.  

The reason I'm discouraged is the book makes it clear that the possibility for a rational discussion on the issue of homosexual marriage or homosexuality in general is virtually non-existent.  I'm a monster according to the author.  I'm a white, Southern Baptist, ignorant, uncaring and hateful monster and as such I deserve any ill treatment that comes my way.  No doubt we wsbiuhm's have been guilty of great sins, dehumanizing people of other races and religions being among them.  But isn't that exactly what the author does in his characterization of us?  Honestly, I've never met anyone that even remotely resembles Rev. Flake, never known of an Episcopal to start a Southern Baptist Church, never seen anything like what was described at John's funeral and yet to read the book you would think that kind of behavior was common place among Southern Baptists.  And rather than trying to hear what they are saying isn't he just fomenting hatred towards men like Franklin Graham, Ronnie Floyd and anyone who would agree with them?  Then again, it is obvious that he believes that any ill that would befall these folks would be well deserved, I mean even God said so right? They deserve to fry in hell right next to Elijah and all the other religious bigots.  

The situational, relativistic ethic of the 60's has now come full circle.  They've created a whole new religion that they call Christianity but that bears no resemblance to Biblical Christianity.  There's no Gospel, no grace, no need for repentance or forgiveness because the supreme law of their god is tolerance.  Just ignore all those old cultural laws that get in your way like pastor Young says because obviously god didn't know what he was talking about or the guys who wrote the stuff were just a bunch of religious bigots who misinterpreted what he said.  Anyway god's just the head gate keeper, there to make sure the right folks get in and the wrong ones stay out.   So let's just forget about those laws condemning incest, bestiality, adultery and the like.  They're just hateful.  And all those guys who want to have sex with children, why would you be so cruel as to keep them from someone they love?  I mean how on earth did all that hateful stuff get in the Bible to begin with?  

Of course this is all just a set up.  Once you declare one law irrelevant who's to say that any of them matter?  Al Capone thought he was a saint doing good for the folks in his neighborhood.  So what if he stole and extorted and murdered several dozen folks?  In his heart he was a good guy and that's all that really matters, right?  What Mr. Boutwell and others fail to see is that they are opening the door wide for the evolutionary society where the only law that matters is the law of survival of the fittest.  Of course he would say "oh no, that could never happen you wsbiuhm fearmonger!  We're better than that.  We'll teach everybody tolerance and love because people are good and loving."  Yep, just like Mr. Boutwell loves Mr. Graham and only wishes him the best.  Truth is we're selfish at heart and homosexuality is just one of the many expressions of that selfishness.  Every one of us is desperately in need of a Savior and Jesus is the only one that fits the bill.  Too bad Mr. Boutwell missed that part.

I didn't find the book to be helpful at all.  Simply another confirmation that we are hopelessly divided with little prospect for bridging the gap.  




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