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Shootin' the Bull | Linda Brewer

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Shootin' the Bull | Linda Brewer

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Back when I was a kid, there were old sayings, cliches, regional words and phrases folks in the country used every day. I grew up hearing them and using them, whether or not they made sense literally. The title of this book - Shootin' the Bull - is one of those phrases meant figuratively, one which I consider synonymous with “shootin' the breeze.” There were no bulls shot or otherwise harmed. My personal definition of “shootin' the bull” is just talking about whatever happens to come up in conversation or thoughts.

It brings to mind situations such as gabbing over the fence with a neighbor or sharing opinions around the water cooler. In solitude or on a soapbox, perhaps just between friends, it all boils down to musings or chit-chat about whatever is happening in your world, or even your mind.

In the South, “shootin' the bull” is an acceptable way to describe conversation or a laid-back activity with others. It can also be a fair assessment of someone sharing tall tales, such as the outlandish size of the fish that got away.

Many of these short pieces of writing are presented tongue-in-cheek with levity in mind. Most of the tales, opinions and pure imaginings I've included here are packed with my style of wit and silly sarcasm, as well as simple humor found in everyday life. There are also some serious viewpoints on controversial issues thrown in for good measure.


Linda Brewer is a former journalist and editor with 27 years of newspaper experience. She has received numerous writing awards, including 10 state press association awards for personal and humor column writing and 19 (four 1st place) for opinion pieces.


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