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Still Shootin' the Bull | Linda Lea Brewer


Still Shootin' the Bull | Linda Lea Brewer

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Short stories on a wide variety of topics – some funny and some serious - are featured in Still Shootin' the Bull. The first topic addressed in this tail-end of the Bull trilogy is Christmas.

In the story “Santa Suspicions,” this question is pondered: “How can you really trust a guy who sneaks into houses in the middle of the night and pokes his hands in socks belonging to strangers? Then he 'lays a finger aside of his nose…' I figure he’s sniffing those dirty sock smells still lingering on his pointers. Pervert!”

Reactions to Daylight Saving Time are explored in “Spring Forward? How About Drag Me Kicking and Screaming Forward?” Here's an excerpt: “If history repeats itself, I will inevitably fail to change at least one clock in the house and sometime before that first Spring Forward day is over, I will glance at that very clock and get all confused about what time it is actually supposed to be... I'll be looking for the 6 o'clock news at 4, 5, 6, 7 and probably 8, too. I'll have breakfast late, lunch early and be so flustered by supper I'll eat twice just for the hell of it.”

There are also stories about the Good Ol' Days, including one about an older gentleman who sparks wholesome nostalgia by recalling what life was like before streets were paved. Grandparents, the days before cell phones were the norm, and the memorable blizzard of '93 are among other topics explored.


Linda Brewer is a former journalist and editor with 27 years of newspaper experience. She has received numerous writing awards, including 10 state press association awards for personal and humor column writing and 19 (four first place) for opinion pieces. She is a member of the Author's Guild of Tennessee.


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