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Innovative Publisher of Quality Books by Creative Authors with a Collaborative Approach

Parson's Porch & Book Publishing is a book publishing company with a double focus.  We focus on the needs of creative writers who need a professional publisher to turn their words into books, & we also focus on the needs of others by turning their books into bread by sharing our profits with those who are homeless and displaced by meeting their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and safety.

Steps to Publishing with Us

Parson's Porch Book Publishers accepts unsolicited manuscripts. If you have a finished manuscript to send, please follow the steps below:

Step One: Submit an electronic file of a ready-to-publish manuscript of your book. Send your file to dtullock@parsonsporch.com. The file should include the following information:

- the body of the book in Word, Word Perfect file or other compatible file. The content should be in narrative style. Files that cannot be opened will be rejected. 

- biographical information of the Author.

-Author’s name as it is to appear on the cover of the book.

-Picture of the author for the back cover.

Step Two: While we rarely reject manuscripts, we do reserve the right to approval. You will be notified within 5-7 days confirming approval.

Step Three: Leave the rest to our artists and editors to publish your book. It will take us only 7 - 10 days to send you a set of galleys to approve. Once you approve our work, your book will be released for publication.  Books will be assigned and ISBN and EAN. Books will be available for purchase at www.parsonsporch.com and Amazon.com. 

Step Four: Once book is published, you will be able to purchase copies of your book with a 40% discount of the retail price of the book. The retail price is determined by the number of pages of the finished book. Example: Retail Price: $14.95. Your price: $8.95. Discounted price for authors is only available through Parson Porch Books.

NOTE: We do not require an author to purchase books from us in order to publish with us. 

Step Five: Enjoy the pleasure of being a published author. 

Here is some other information which you may find helpful while considering publishing with us:

Sample Contract

Next Steps

Please download the two books listed below. Each are representative of our work at Parson's Porch Books.

Idlewild Sermons by Steve Montgomery, pastor of Idlewild Presbyterian Church, Memphis, Tennessee, with a foreword by Walter Brueggemann.

God in the Here and Now by Elizabeth McLean, pastor of Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church, Crofton, Maryland.

If you see a book in our bookstore of which you would like a pdf copy, please email us using the contact form on this site, and we will send it to you.

Parson's Porch also provides services for audio books.  Click below for more information about submitting an audio file for publication.  All audio books must first be available as a print book through Amazon.com.   

Audio Submission Requirements


An Innovative Publisher of Quality Books by Creative Authors with a Collaborative Approach.

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